To the most beautiful moment in life! Better than the deed. Better than the memory. The moment… of anticipation.

  • Jacques, The Simpsons, Season 1

As I de-alpabet my infrastructure, I’ve deployed a new web content management system. After a couple of trials (I liked Grav, for example) I’ve settled on a Jamstack approach with a static site generator and markdown.

Ironcically, the most important feature was an ready-to-go theme that included a collapsing left nav bar. This allows me to:

  • Not be a font-end developer
  • Dump all my docs back onto the web easily

I started by documenting how I deployed Hugo and Docsy, of couse.

Actually doing it is much less exciting than trying out different tech stacks and deciding. But here we go.

Last modified April 26, 2023: added icon and blog post (44140f2)