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Bots in 30 min

I was surprised the other day to see intrusion attempts targeting a site I’d just created - by host name. It wasn’t published yet, it was an obscure name - how could anyone even know?

Well, any site you create in caddy will go out and get itself a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, as you’d expect. What you may not have expected, was that Let’s Encrypt publishes every cert it creates and that bot networks keep an eye on that and immediately launch scans against new additions.

Reminds me of the days when a Windows admin would start installing and get hacked before they were even done.

Everyone knows there’s no security through obscurity, but maybe don’t go out of your way to help the bots.

I suggest http:// before the site name until you’re ready to publish, or tls internal, maybe even use a wildcard site with handlers.


The journey of a thousand files begins with a single fax.

  • Me, a Y2K project, back when faxes were a thing.

Here we are 6 months later and I’ve ported a hundred files or so. Mostly written or re-written as I tackle new projects. 400 left to go, though there’s not a lot of demand to put up 20 year old notes on Windows 7 mass deployments.

Docsy has been great and writing in markdown and using git appears to be a wining combination.


To the most beautiful moment in life! Better than the deed. Better than the memory. The moment… of anticipation.

  • Jacques, The Simpsons, Season 1

As I de-alpabet my infrastructure, I’ve deployed a new web content management system. After a couple of trials (I liked Grav, for example) I’ve settled on a Jamstack approach with a static site generator and markdown.

Ironcically, the most important feature was an ready-to-go theme that included a collapsing left nav bar. This allows me to:

  • Not be a font-end developer
  • Dump all my docs back onto the web easily

I started by documenting how I deployed Hugo and Docsy, of couse.

Actually doing it is much less exciting than trying out different tech stacks and deciding. But here we go.