This works best in an Ubuntu container.

LibreELECT Notes

Installed but no sata hdd. Found this

RPi4 has zero support for PCIe devices so why is it “embarrasing” for LE to omit support for PCIe SATA things in our RPi4 image?

Feel free to send a pull-request to GitHub enabling the kernel config that’s needed.

Went though thier resouces beginners guid to git building basics specific build commands

and then failed because jammy wasn’t compatibile enough

Created a jammy container and restarted

sudo lxc-create –template download –name u1 ubuntu jammy amd64 sudo lxc-start –name u1 –daemon sudo lxc-attach u1

Used some of the notes from

Did as fork, clone and a

git fetch –all

but couldnt get all the downloads as site was down

On a side note, these are needed in the config.txt so that USB works


I tried a menuconfig and selected ..sata? and got


Better compare the .config file again

Edited and commited a config.txt but it didn’t show up in the image. Possibly the wrong file or theres another way to realize that chagne

Enabled the SPI interface

sudo apt install lxc

# This didn't work for some reason
sudo lxc-create --template download --name u1 --dist ubuntu --release jammy --arch amd64

sudo lxc-create --template download --name u1

sudo lxc-start --name u1 --daemon

sudo lxc-attach  u1

# Now inside, build 
apt update
apt upgrade
apt-get install gcc make git wget
apt-get install bc patchutils bzip2 gawk gperf zip unzip lzop g++ default-jre u-boot-tools texinfo xfonts-utils xsltproc libncurses5-dev xz-utils

# login and fork so you can clone more easily. Some problem with the creds

git clone
git fetch --all
git tag
git remote add upstream
git fetch --all
git checkout libreelec-12.0
git checkout -b CM4-AHCI-Add
PROJECT=RPi ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=RPi4   tools/download-tool
cat /etc/passwd 
ls /home/
ls /home/ubuntu/
cd ..
mv /home/ubuntu/
cd /home/ubuntu/
ls -lah
chown -R ubuntu:ubuntu
ls -lah
ls -lah
sudo -i -u ubuntu
ip a
cat /etc/resolv.conf 
ip route
sudo -i -u ubuntu

apt install tmux
sudo -i -u ubuntu tmux a

# And back home you can write
ls -lah ls/u1/rootfs/home/ubuntu/

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