You can also use this platform as a server. This seems counter-intuitive at first; to use a media player OS as a server. But in practice it is rock-solid. I have a mixed fleet of 10 or so devices and LibreELEC has better uptime stats than TrueNAS.

The device playing content on your TV is also the media server for the rest of the house. I wouldn’t advertise this as an enterprise solution, but I can’t dispute the results.


Normal Add-ons

Common tools like rsync, as well as server software like Jellyfin are available. You can browse as descriped below, or use the search tool if you’re looking for something specific.

  • Select the gear icon and choose Add-ons
  • Choose LibreELEC Add-ons
  • Drill down to browse software.


If you’re on ARM or want more frequent updates, you may want to add Docker and the repository.

  • Select the gear icon and choose Add-ons
  • Search add-ons for “Docker” and install
  • Search add-ons for “” and install
  • Select “Install from repository” and choose “’s Docker Add-ons”.

Drill down and add Jellyfin, for example.

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