Docsy Install

Docsy is a good-looking Hugo theme that provides a landing page, blog, and a documentation sub-sites using bootstrap CSS.

The documentation site in particular let’s you turn a directory of text files into a documentation tree with relative ease. It even has a collapsible left nav bar. That is harder to find than you’d think.


Docsy requires Hugo. Install that if you haven’t already. It also needs a few other things; postcss, postcss-cli, and autoprefixer from the Node.JS ecosystem. These should be installed in the project directory as version requirements change per theme.

sudo apt install -t testing nodejs npm
npm install -D autoprefixer 
npm install -D postcss
npm install -D postcss-cli


Deploy Docsy as a Hugo module and pull in the example site so we have a skeleton to work with. We’re using git, but we’ll keep it local for now.

git clone .
hugo server

Browse to http://localhost:1313 and you should see the demo “Goldydocs” site.

Now you can proceed to configure Docsy!


The Docsy theme gets regular updates. To incorporate those you only have to run this command. Do this now, actually, to get any theme updates the example site hasn’t incoporated yet.

cd /path/to/my-existing-site
hugo mod get -u



Error: Error building site: POSTCSS: failed to transform “scss/main.css” (text/css)>: Error: Loading PostCSS Plugin failed: Cannot find module ‘autoprefixer’

And then when you try to install the missing module

The following packages have unmet dependencies: nodejs : Conflicts: npm npm : Depends: node-cacache but it is not going to be installed

You may have already have installed Node.JS. Skip trying to install it from the OS’s repo and see if npm works. Then proceed with postcss install and such.

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