Docsy Github

You may have noticed the links on the right like “Edit this page” that takes one to Github. Let’s set those up.

On Github

Go to github and create a new repository. Use the name of your side for the repo name, such as “”. If you want to use something else, you can edit your config.toml file to adjust.


You man have noticed that Github suggested some next steps with a remote add using the name “origin”. Docsy is already using that, however, from when you cloned it. So we’ll have to pick a new name.

cd /path/to/my-existing-site
git remote add github

Let’s change our default banch to “main” to match Github’s defaults.

git branch -m main

Now we can add, commit and push it up to Github

git add --all
git commit -m "first commit of new site"
git push github

You’ll notice something interesting when you go back to look at Github; all the contributers on the right. That’s because you’re dealing with a clone of Docsy and you can still pull in updates and changes from original project.

It may have been better to clone it via github

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