Docsy Config

Let’s change the basics of the site in the config.toml file. I put some quick sed commands here, but you can edit by hand as well. Of note is the Github integration. We prepoulate it here for future use, as it allows quick edits in your browser down the road.
sed -i "s/Goldydocs/$SITE/" config.toml
sed -i "s/The Docsy Authors/$SITE/" config.toml
sed -i "s/$SITE/" config.toml
sed -i "s/$SITE/" config.toml
sed -i "s/google\/docsy-example/$GITHUBID\/$SITE/" config.toml 
sed -i "s/USERNAME\/REPOSITORY/$GITHUBID\/$SITE/" config.toml 
sed -i "s/https:\/\/" config.toml
sed -i "s/https:\/\/\/google\/docsy/https:\/\/\/$GITHUBID/" config.toml
sed -i "s/github_branch/#github_branch/" config.toml

If you don’t plan to translate your site into different languages, you can dispense with some of the extra languages as well.

# Delete the 20 or so lines starting at "lLanguage] and stopping at the "[markup]" section,
# including the english section.
vi config.tml

# Delete the folders from 'content/' as well, leaving 'en'
rm -rf content/fa content/no

You should also set a default meta description or the engine will put in in the bootstrap default and google will summarize all your pages with that

vi config.toml
copyright = ""
privacy_policy = "/privacy"
description = "My personal website to document what I know and how I did it"

Keep and eye on the site in your browser as you make changes. When you’re ready to start with the main part of adding content, take a look at the next section.

Docsy Operation


You can’t dispense with the en folder yet, as it breaks some github linking functionality you may want to take advantage of later

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