This is the best solution for a small number of users. You configure it at your registrar and rely on google (or someone similar) to do all the work for free.

If you want your out-bound emails to come from your domain name (and you do), add an out-bound relay. This is also free for minimal use.

Registrar Configuration

This is different per registrar, but normally involves creating an address and it’s destination


  • (Login - assumes you use cloudflare as your registrar)
  • Login and select the domain in question.
  • Select Email, then Email Routing.
  • Under Routes, select Create address.

Once validated, email will begin arriving at the destination.

Configure Relaying

The registrars is only forwarding email, not sending it. To get your sent mail to from from your domain, you must integrate with a mail service such as SendGrid


  • Create a free account and login
  • Authenticate your domain name (via DNS)
  • Create an API key (Settings -> API Keys -> Restricted Access, Defaults)


  • Settings -> Accounts -> Send Mail as
  • Add your domain email
  • Configure the SMTP server with:
    • SMTP server: “”
    • username: “apikey”
    • password: (the key you created above)

After validating the code Gmail sends you, there will be a drop down in the From field of new emails.

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