posted May 21, 2010, 6:58 AM by Allen Gattis

The crust is the soul of the pizza. And the secret is high protien flower

Bread flour for bread machiens has higher protien. Or add vital gluton

Instant yeast is better. You can mix it in with the dry ingredient, but it produces more body than rapid rise yeast.

2 tblspn sugar
1 tblspon kosher salt
1 tblsp pure olive oil

3/4 cup warm water

1 cup flout
1 tsp of instant yeast
1 more cup flour

Bring a batter together then switch to hook.

Lube the hook and knead for 15 min! This is to develop the gluton.

Take a small preice of dough and make a tiny pizza, stretching it out to test the windowplane. It should not tear.

Take the doughball and fold it in on itself to draw it's skin tight. Slap it down on the table and give it a roll  to form  This is to get a single membrane.

Bowl and lube then in the fridge.  18-24 hour rise is best. Soul have increaseed by only half.

Heat the stone for 30 min

Turn the dough out onto the counter and cut in half.

Put done side up and mash it down with your palm gently to get the bubbles out. Reform by jelly fishing it again. Get the counter just a but wet so it's tacky, then roll the ball to tighten it up.

Put the other half in the fridge in a lubes bag. Good for almost a week.

Take the dough and flaten withpalm avian. Form the edge by pinching uk the edge an inch and a half ft the edge

Board stech or toss.

If dough snaps back. Rest dough for five min. 12 inches max.

Bake now for crisp.  Let rise for an hour for chewy

Brush edge with evoo to helv brwning

Three tblsp of sauce. Not much

Thyme oragano , fresh.  Red paper flakes

Mozzarella. Mon Jack. Provalone.

7 min at 450. 3 nun rest.

Use a quarry stone.