Nespresso Varieties

 Dulsao Bright and somewhat bitter on Lungo 4
 Fortissio Lungo Rich and Smooth. Current favorite. 8
 Linizio Lungo Mild and nondescript with a lingering dullness 5
 Roma Strong but not bitter, a great coffee 8
 Voluto Dull and somewhat lacking    3
 Ristretto     Intense and coarse but appealing    6
 Cosi Smooth and pleasant tasting     7
 Indriya     Strong and appealing     7
 Rosabaya    Fruity and bright 6
 Vivalto Lungo    Balanced... 7.5
 Livanto   A smooth and carmel tasting cup     7.8
 Arpeggio   Dark and smooth, with just a bitter hint 7
 Decaffeinato Lunga Smooth and rich, hard to believe it's decaff 8
 Capriccio    Bright and somewhat bitter without being unplesant 5
 Decaffeinato Intenso Excellent - so good it's hard to belive it's decaff.  8