Reloading Files

Sometimes you have a parsing error when you're testing and you need to feed all your source files back in. Problem is you're usually saving position and reading only new entries by default. 

Defeat this by adding a line to the nxlog config so it starts reading files at the beginning and deleting the ConfigCache file (so there's no last position to start from). 

<Input IAS_Accounting_Logs>
    Module      im_file
    ReadFromLast FALSE
    File "E:\IAS_Logs\IN*.log"
    Exec parse_xml();
    Exec $type = "RADIUSAccounting";

del C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog\data\configcache.dat

Restart and it will begin reprocessing all the data. When you're done, remove the ReadFromLast line and restart.

Note: If you had just deleted the cache file, nxlog would have resumed at the tail of the file. You could have told it not to save position, but you actually do want that for when you're ready to resume normal operation.