Problem Resolution

Problem resolution is the support given to a user to resolve why they cannot access a service, and the attempt to repair when it is a user specific issue.

There are two general ways to organize a problem resolution center; 1) Service Desk Centric or 2) Routing and Escalation Centric.  

Service Desk Centric

In a Service Desk Centric model, the organization is heavily invested in solving problems at the service desk. It is populated by knowledgeable staff who have the tools and experience to solve user issues with the customer's first call.

When a technician is required to install or fetch equipment, a junior staff member is dispatched who needs little training or expertise beyond simple physical repairs or execution of warranty returns.

Routing and Escalation Centric

In such a model, experienced staff is promoted out of the service desk to a dispatchable group. The dispatchable group performs problem resolution, but does so by traveling to the user's location.

The service desk performs only the lowest level of support and mainly functions as a call routing center, escalating the majority of problems to dispatch or project staff.