Delivery Models

There are three, generally recognized, categories of IT service; 1) problem resolution, 2) service fulfillment, and 3) projects.

Problem Resolution 

The objective of problem resolution is to remedy specific issues of an end user as quickly and easily as possible. This may be any performance or access problem to an existing product or service.

This type of service depends on a call center, hardware and software support personnel, and training and documentation services. 

Service Fulfillment

The objective of Service Fulfillment is to extend existing products and services to a new user ( or remove them ) and make reasonable expansions and enhancements to and existing product or service as needed.

This type of service also depends on a call center as the intake mechanism for requests, and is typically augmented by dedicated support and maintenance teams specifically assigned to be customer facing and focused on service and delivery.


The objective of project groups is the delivery of new services and products. It is outside the scope of this document, but it is important to know that they are responsible for the documentation for Problem Resolution and Service Fulfillment.