We maintain our own Windows Update Server. There are two main procedures relating to this;

  • Add a Server
  • Fix a Cloned Server

Add a Server

For production servers, the current procedure is to run this reg file.

Approve an update for install.

  • Log in to >> with your oak id and the wsus password provided to you. Note the password is not your oak password. The password is on the password sheet.
  • On the welcome screen under To Do List click Review Security and Critical Updates. This will list all critical updates and security updates that have been detected and need to be approved or not approved for installation.
  • You then select one by single clicking and you can read the details, status and revisions of that update. If you want to know if any server needs this update, that can be answered under the status Colum and then scroll down.
  • Once you determine that you want to approve an update for installation make sure you single click the update and in the upper left hand corner of the screen click change approval.
  • The next window will give you a drop down arrow and you can choose install. This approves for all computer groups.
  • Then click ok. This approves the update for installation.
  • Now you can verify the status on the update under approval is set to install.
  • The servers that need the update will install when the server is scheduled to install.

Fix a Cloned Host

For a cloned host, some reg entries must be reset so it tells the WSUS server it's new.

  • Download this reg file >>new_clone.bat
  • Update the next update time to five minutes later
  • Run the file.
We've found that you do not need to reboot



oakID and default CNS password