Vista Services and Shell

Vista has two things that are worth nothing.
  • 'Special' folders that have added features via the shell
  • A finer grained ability to identify what processes are eating up CPU

Special Folders

An example of a special folder is the Music folder. It is capable of redirection and and other interesting things, that are really being handled by the windows shell. If you get yourself into trouble though, such as by deleting it, it's a three-step restore process

Identifying Processes

The ability to identify what processes are doing what is useful when you reboot vista and notice the CPU is maxed for the first 5 min, but only the generic services host is identified as using them. The find out what is going on, down load process explorer, or using task manager:
  • Show processes from all users
  • Right click on the instance of svchost.exe in question and select 'Go to Services'
  • Stop the services one at a time until you identify the culprit.
You can do more with Process Explorer (available free from Microsoft), but that's a lot to digest in one post.