Wrong Characters

I notice that man, and other text files, often have funny characters when using Putty. This is because the default character set in putty is
  • ISO-8859-1:1998 (Latin-1, West Europe)
While as SuSE (and others) are
  • "en_US.UTF-8"
Typing "locale" will tell you your current codepage settings. One solution is to set your Locale Character type in the shell in a login script or by typing
  • export LC_CTYPE=en_GB
A better way is to edit the putty setting by navigating to:
  • Window
    • Translation
      • Character Set translation...UTF-8

Update: I noticed today on a server that doing the above didn't help, despite the regionality being as described

I had to set the Translation in putty to:

  • ISO-8859-4:1998 (Latin-4, North Europe)