VNC Remote Admin lubuntu

To spot-connect to a remote lubuntu system, which uses lxde for it's window manager, you'll want to use tightvnc which you can actually start via ssh. The magic config of changing the X11 server is what you have to do to get anything other than a plain gray screen.

# Install
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

# Start and stop the server to get a default config file
tightvncserver :1
tightvncserver -kill :1

# Comment out the X11 line and append the lxsession manager
vim ~/.vnc/xstartup

/usr/bin/lxsession -s Lubuntu -e LXDE

# Restart the server and check the log so you know what port you're on, 
# emboldened on the ssh command lower down
tightvncserver :1
grep Listening  ~/.vnc/*.log

# Tunnel a port to that server process so you're encrypted and don't have to edit firewall rules
ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900