RH Updater

An important note: How do you change the login info after updating

The package manager in RHEL5 does not work like you'd think until you configure the update service

Before you configure the update service, it simply shows you a list of what you have installed. There are no options to install packages from your source disks, it's just not available.

After you configure the update service, the behavior changes and you can browse and search for packages.

I believe this is because it uses the Red Hat Network to fetch package info from, and until you configure the updater, and with it your RHN settings, it cannot login.


  1. Click Applications -> System Tools -> Software Updater
  2. Click Forward, sticking with the defaults
  3. Enter the satellite server info (if you have it), othwe wise for with RHN
  4. Enter the user name and password
  5. Keep going until it's done.
It will say "no updates available" Simply exit and restart the app and it should give you a laundry list. Select "Apply updates" and it will go to town.

Now hen you Click Applications -> Package Manger -> Search you will have access to all the packages you need from RHN