Export to VMware

There is no easy way, as VMware does not accept any of the formats XenServer exports in. You can try to export as an OVF or OVA, but the disk format remains VHD under the hood and vmware won't play ball.

You can jump through some hoops and use the command line xe vm-export command, then qemu-img convert to get a version 1 vmdk, which you can then do various kernel changes too (see the linked howtoforge) but this is painful to say the least and possibly unreliable

VMware vCenter Convertor Standalone seems like the most viable method. It only accepts VMX files so a 'running' conversion seems the best course, though trial runs return grub errors



Shutdown the VMs prior of course
xe vm-list
xe vm-export uuid=(a big long string) filename=/mnt/somefile