Disk Space Add

Best practice is to have just one disk file per VM. The virtual server can chop this disk file up into multiple partions and drives.

Start by cloning the Master_XXXX. Take note of where and what you name the disk file. After cloning it, make sure it is shutdown. Log into secure shell on any of the servers and type

vmkfstools -X <Total New Size> <Path and Name of disk File>

Importantly, this does not add 10g to the disk, this makes the disk 10g. So if you have a 6g disk and extend to 10g, you have 4g now unused

For exaple, to extend to 10G the disk for ICA you would type;

vmkfstools -X 10g /vmfs/VMFSSan/ICA1.vmdk

You can then start the guest back up and use the disk utilities to format this new unused space.

If you want to change the size of the C: dive (system partion) you can do it with ghost or a system parition tool like partition magic after you have extended the drive as above. See Below


You can also use this page to resize the boot partition after a extention


  1. Note
In order to boot a VM up from CDROM remotely, you have to remove the existing hard disk (don't delete it) and disconnect the CDROMN in able to access the BIOS. Then you must move the CD to the top of the boot list, and after completing your work, set it to disconnected at startup (if you don't want to have to get into the bios again)