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There are two main connections; the connection to the SAN and the connection to the network. The SAN connection is Fibre and the network connection copper Ethernet. Both are multipathed and can withstand up to a 50% failure.




SAN Illustration


Ethernet Illustration

Firewall Strategy

One is to firewall the entire VM host. I'd lean against starting with that because of the strangeness we saw with the front door (and possibly other high volume sites) when we initially put the DB behind a PIX.

The other is to firewall only those boxes we want to. That's probably the place to start and it allows us some real-time virtual switching changes should we need, and the ability to select only the VMs needed while maintaining our VMotion (guest server hot swap) functionality.


Load Balancing

As a side note, there are several types of Load-Balancing one can emply with the Bond/Teamed Switch

  • MAC Method
  • IP Method
MAC Method
  • no load considerations
  • no config of switch
IP Based
  • EtherChannel
  • LACP
Beacon Monitoring