Clone - Hot

The idea is to put a vmdk file into redo mode, copy it, then apply the redo log puttng the vmdk file back into persistant mode. -g (lists the vms on the box)

Note you can look in vmcenter properties to see the acutal vmdk files and their names when you have multiple disks files.

./ vm2 root passwd /home/vmware/boss1/boss1.vmx

cp /vmfs/SAN2/boss1.vmdk /vmfs/SAN2/boss27.vmdk

cp /vmfs/SAN2/boss1_1.vmdk /vmfs/SAN2/boss27_1.vmdk

./ vm2 root passwd /home/vmware/boss1/boss1.vmx

And a checklist after cloning:

  • Create a new VM in custom mode
  • Pick the exisiting vmdk
  • Add any other vmdks
  • Bring the box up with the NIC disconnected
  • remove all the IPs
  • Change the hostname and enable the nic
  • copy the and .crt
  • find and replace in the shibboleth.xml boss3 to boss1
  • Login CF Administrator and remove all of the scheduled tasks.