TDI works best with CVS. There are numerous features that take advantage of it natively integrated in the Config Editor that make it worth while over subversion or git. To get started:.
  1. Pick a location and create the CVS Root
  2. Establish port forwarding / gateway if needed
  3. Configure a repository in TDI

Configure and Connect To a Simple CVS Repo

Create the CVS Root

Ideally, put this on a secure network server. You only need SSH access to it. The below example puts the root in your home directory.

ssh gattis@some.server
cvs -d repository_root_directory init

Configure a repository in TDI

From the TDI Configuration Editor
  1. Window -> Open Perspective -> Other 
  2. Select CVS Repository Browsing (CVS will already show up above if you've used it before)
  3. In the new window's tab, select the icon for 'Add CVS Repository; (or right click)
  4. Use the values in the picture below. Use some.server and port 22 for the above CVSROOT. 


Establish port forwarding
If you've put your CVSROOT on an other server and must traverse a gateway SSH server,  such as below:

workstation ---> login server ---> other server

you can set up with SSH port forwarding with TDI
  1. In a terminal window, forward a local port to the other server's ssh port. (port 2200 --> 22)
ssh -f -N -C -L 2200:your.other.server:22 login.server

(The example uses port 2200which is using a SSH port forwarded approach)