Subversion and TDI


TDI ships with CVS. That's not a bad way to go and it works out of the box. You can create a CVSROOT on any system you can get to via ssh and just be done with it. This ensures your config survives patches, other users, etc. However, if you have to, here's how you can use subversion.
  • Install the libsvc-java and add it to your TDI library path
  • Add the Eclipse and Subclipse repositories
  • Use the Eclipse "Install" tool to update Equinox and add Subclipse <-- breaks!
Note: I tried Installing Subversive (another SVN provider) but encountered taller hurdles 

Install and add libsvc-java

If you're using a Debian based system;

$ sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

Now, edit the config editor's launch script to include the library path by adding the part in red. You may need to adjust for the location of your 'jni' directory.

 $ vi /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1.1/ibmditk

# Set the library path so all shared libraries are found.
if [ $UNAME_OS = "Linux" -o $UNAME_OS = "SunOS" ] ; then

Add the Eclipse and Subclipse repositories

Check to make sure of what version your TDI is based on
  • Go to Help, click the '' button on the left
  • Look at the line for the 'Eclipse Platform'. Helios is 3.6, for example.
  • Add the Repository for Helios (or the appropriate Eclipse release) and Subclipse to your list of Software Sites by going to 'Window->Preferences"

Update Equinox and add Subclipse

Go to "Help -> Install New Software ..."
Select 'Helios' from the top drop down

Select to Install, agree to the license and restart when requested