Autoload Configs and AutoStart Assembly Lines


For a server, you want your init script to focus on just starting and stopping the server. If you start adding parameters to load and execute specific configs and assembly lines, you've gone to far. Luckily, the DI server has it's own way of figuring out what to do when it's just been started;

If you're done the default server install, simply edit the config file to enable the feature, and create the directory like so:

cd /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1/
mkdir autoload.tdi

Find the autoload location property, and uncomment it

## Modify the line below to enable the config autoload feature. When this property is defined, the "ibmdisrv -d" command
## line will look for *.xml files in the directory specified by this property and start each one.


Now, assuming you have stored some configs in the server's config folder, create a few symbolic links to the configs you'd like to load.

 ln -d ./configs/AD_Sync.xml autoload.tdi/AD_Sync.xml

Restart the server, and check the status, and you'll see your config is loaded!


The other half is getting a listener or timer started after the config is loaded. Open up your config and look in the navigation pane for 'Solution Logging and Settings' You'll notice a tab called 'AutoStart'. Specify the assembly line you want there.