WebSEAL Error DPWIV0201E

IBM has a page on this


Where they tell you to renew your cert. However, you'll try to do (or anything really) and get a 

    Error: HPDBA0234E   The SSL communications could not be completed. The socket was closed. (status 0x106520ea)

Turns out a recent patch has disabled SSLv3 by default, and you need to turn it back on, on your policy server


Then you can run 

  /opt/PolicyDirector/bin/svrsslcfg -chgcert -f /opt/pdweb/etc/webseald-default.conf -P <sec_admin Password>

There may be a better way that doesn't use SSL3, such as allowing the cert to renew automatically by configuring it so in your pd.conf, but I don't have any info from IBM on that yet.