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If you are using eclipse, make sure to set your cvs connection string to:
This is only for eclipse...If you are using the command line cvs client, I pulled this of the interweb...

Users of non-graphical (command-line) CVS clients will specify the 'ext' (external) authentication type, which directs the CVS client to use an external program (in our case, your SSH client) for authentication. The 'CVS_RSH' environment variable must be set to 'ssh' so your CVS client will know which program to use for authentication.

If you are using Turtle, then Dan has the way

All I had to do in Tortoise was change my cvsroot setting to "" it used to be ""
When checking out, it seems to hang but hitting the abort button will allow you to end the check out with all your files in place and successive commands cease to hang.