sysprep with XP

Basic Steps
  1. For XP with SP3, use this link to download (or use the attached zip)
  2. Put the contents into a folder named C:\Sysprep. You must use exactly this path and name.
  3. Create a new file in that directory named "unattend.inf", and copy and past the contents of the unattend.ini page (below)
  4. In that directory, run sysprep and select 'Mini-Setup' and click Reseal

  • Note: The readme inside the deploy tools will say  SP2, it's for SP3. They only updated a couple of the tools since the last SP. You don't actually need all the tools, but it's as easy to put them all in place as not.
  • This file automate the config with the exception of allowing the next person to pick their admin password (if you've set autologin, it will retain that)
  • Make sure to put the Product Key in
  • If you make any mistakes in the file, such as the wrong product key, it ignores the entire file and everything must be entered by hand. You'll know this happens if it starts asking you to accpet the EULA
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