Installation Points

An enterprise deployment resource that accommodated multiple uses. 

The MS best practice seems to be to have two top level shares; Distribution (which is a general resource of everything you might need) and Deployment (which is a a package of files or an image targeted at a specific machine or user class)

Inside Distribution you have

       |- Operating Systems
       |           |- Windows 7 Enterprise x64
       |           |- RHEL 5.4
       |           |- etc
       | - Applications
       | - Out-of-box drivers
       | - OS Packages

And inside Deployment you have

    |- Lab
    |- Office Worker
    |- etc

I should mention that I'm a fan of using file ACLs, not share permissions, to control access. Unless there is a reason to have multiple control points that do the same thing. (i.e. sensitive data, separation of duties, etc) they just get in the way of each other and complicate trouble shooting.

This was a recommend practice at one time by MS, though I haven't seen it specifically endorsed recently.