Microsoft highly recommends using webdav to update content. I've done some testing on kant and it works well. Below are some notes on how to get it going.

There is a server config, and in some cases a client config if you arn't running XP as a client.

__Server Config__

On the Windows server Install WebDAV Publishing.
Go though the add remove programs list, jump to windows components... application server... IIS... World Wide Web Service... WebDAV

In IIS go to the website in question and add a new virtual directory, best called WebDAV. Point it's root directory to the root of the website. In the Virtual Directory settings (access permissions), enable everything (Read, Write...).

Open up the properties. Under the Virtual Directory tab enable script source access. Then click on the configuration button and remove the wildcard application map. Click out and then remove the Application name too (you might as well)

Don't forget to remove the application map or you can't edit cfm files, just removing the application doesn't cut it. This took trial and error to figure out.

Now set the authentication. Click on the Directory Security tab and under Authentication click edit. Disable anonymous access and just use Integrated Windows Authentication

__NTFS config__

I created a WebDAV group and added the specific users to it. My permissions wound up as; Admin and System=full, Everyone=read,WebDAV=modify. However, I was experimenting with different permissions and had removed the default ones that you may be able to work with by just adding the WebDAV group. Keep in   mind that an "anonymous internet user" is treated as the IUSR_MACHINENAME user and so is considered a member of the Users and Authenticated Users group (I didn't write the software) so you cannot use the Users group for ACLs and must create a new one

__Client Config__

There are two ways on a Windows Box. Add it to the "My Network Places" or open it as a "Web Folder" from Internet Explorer.

The URL to access the WebDAV is of course http://someserver/WebDAV/

__Trouble Shooting__
To enable WebDAV on XP (if it isn't already), open the Services console under Administrative Tools and find the __WebClient service__ and double-click on this service to open its Properties sheet:

Having looked this service up, I see it is DISABLED in win2k3. One simply needs to start it.


Macromedia recommends setting up a separate website that runs in parallel with the main one but on a different port for the purposes of WebDAV. I can see this because that way when you open  "/" you really get"/" as opposed to opening "WebDAV" to get "/". I turned this on but the windows webdav client will only use port 80 and WebDAV explorer won't connect to either. I get a "<h1>You are not authorized to view this page</h1>
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied because your Web browser is sending a WWW-Authenticate header field that the Web server is not configured to accept.
<hr>" so it not supplying auth properly