Runtime Specs

1 Environmental Variables

1 Overview

We have one environmental variable that our apps use to find their config files. It takes the form of:


This variable must be set in two places. It must be set as a system environment variable, and as a java environment variable. It's value is directory where the config files are kept. Historically this has been /opt/whiskey/ or e:/CSC/CFG on their respective OS.

1  Methods

1.1 Windows

In windows this is set in the properties of my computer.
- System Properties
- Advanced tab
- Environtment Variables button
- System variables new button
-- Variable name = CSC_CFG
-- Variable value = E:/CSC/CFG/


Since we are using tomcat, one sets it using the "Apache Tomcat Properties" application that is found as "Configure Tomcat" icon in the start menu or as tomcatw.exe in the tomcat bin folder on the disk
- Java tab
- Java Options field
-- Add ~~-DCSC_CFG=<your path to the CSC_CFG directory>~~ at the top
-- An Example is ~~-DCSC_CFG=E:/CSC/CFG/~~

1.1 Linux
In Linux we set both in the Tomcat init script. The best location in the script is at the top after the INIT INFO and before the "tomcatIsRunning()" sub.
- __Edit__ /etc/init.d/tomcat
- __Add__ the line "export CSC_CFG=/opt/whiskey/"
- __Add__ the line "export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPS -DCSC_CFG=/opt/whiskey/"