1 General FAQ

1.1 What is hub?

It's a server that does virtual hosting.

More precisely, 'Hub' is the project name of our apache hosting environment. It's also the host name of the server that does the hosting.

We are set up to do both name based and IP based. There really isn't a significant difference in use. We are also set up to use multiple servers (via Apache load balancing) but we haven't experienced any significant load yet. We are at less than 2% of our existing capacity on just the one virtual server. (the load is so low, it's hard to measure accurately. i.e. it's probably much less than 2%)

1.1  Who is the sys op?  What software is it running?  In particular, is this a
    Contribute server?  What's the status of the license for Contribute?

The systems group run the server. The procedures are documented in the wiki.

It is a Linux guest in VMware running apache 2.

Contribute is a purely client side application that simply uses our server as a publishing location. We don't run (and don't own) the server piece of contribute. At this point, contribute is licensed on the customer's workstation.

1.1  My understanding is that it's being used to host web sites developed by
    Electronic Vision for the orgs below.  Is this correct?

It is being used for both EV sites, and other sites where the customer wanted to use dreamweaver or a Unix environment. Philosophy and Finance, for example, are not EV or contribute sites.

1.1  May others also use this server to host web sites?  If so, who grants
    access?  Is there any published info about this on the web?

It was recognized years ago that we needed a general purpose hosting environment as IIS wasn't the answer for all customers. Since then, we've used it whenever IIS wasn't a good fit or we wanted to offer a customer a ISP like hosting environment.

The system is designed as a multi user web hosting platform, and can certainly be expanded beyond the 20 or so users who use it currently.

You can see some of the websites on hub at and stats for many of them at in

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