Cert Copy

Tomcat SSL Copy an existing *.admsrv.ohio.edu from one server to another. Rather than request a new cert every time one expires.

-Verify that the host name on the expired server is consistent with the .admsrv.ohio.edu naming. (astrapp.admsrv.ohio.edu)

-Locate a server with a valid *.admsrv.ohio.edu To check the date enter https:
IP address and choose view cert.

  • If the date is good, you can then locate the Keystore file on the valid server.
Usual path is E:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 5.0conf File name is .kestore or in this case its (admsrv.ohio.edu.keystore)

-Copy valid file to the location of the expired .keystore (admsrv.ohio.edu.keystore)

-Open the E:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 5.0conf server.xml file and do a find on .keystore. If the entry is the same on the expired server as the valid server you are ok. Pay attention to the username and password. If the entry is not the same it could be because of the keystore file name. Ok to change on expired server if need be.

-If the entry looks the same then all you have to do is stop and start the tomcat service. Then remember to check the date on the https:
IP address and view cert. if new expiration date the you are good to go.