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This was the procedure I used to troubleshoot the problems we saw with facilities.

Thier problem was that they were authenticating against ash and the user account was corrupted in DCE.


Forwarded Message
Date: Monday, September 11, 2006 11:45 AM -0400 From: David Alexander <> To: Hyunjong Park <> Cc: Subject: Re: about Kerberos Authentication


I looked at our Kerberos log files, but I didn't see anything unusual.

Can you provide me with the following details:

1) What is the time of the unsuccessful login attempt?

2) What is the URL of the application they trying to login to?

3) Can you tell me if the user has any trouble logging into the following: -Blackboard (Kerberos auth, assuming they are enrolled in a Blackboard course) -Oak email (IMAP auth) -Class schedule (Shibboleth auth) -Software downloads eg. <>>> (DCE auth)

4) What error message did they receive (i.e. do you have a screenshot)?

5) If you maintain the application, what is the specific Kerberos error message you received?

6) If you maintain the application, is the server's NTP synchronized with (i.e. is there any drift on the server's clock)?

Thanks, Dave