The mainframe doesn't support SSH, but it does support SSL wrapped FTP, and even better, HTTPS. Since you need a TSO account for either, there is no added layer of authentication either.

You can script wget in a one for one replacement of FTP by using a line such as:

wget --http-user=XXX --http-passwd=XXX'SOME.DATASET.NAME'

Note the single quote around the file. You can't get data without them. Jerry has also developed a REX CGI library to submit and check on job flow. Bruce Tong or Jerry can tell you more on that.

New -

Since the mainframe is also a client at times, a SSL/TLS compatible server is needed on the PC/AIX side. Mozilla presents such a server, but it's only available for windows. A better solution seems to be the recently incubated apache FTP server - a pure java servlet friendly app that we looked at in past and will look at again.

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