1.1 A note from

#RedirectMatch ^/news(/.*)?$
 RedirectMatch ^/intranet(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/provostmsgbrd(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/preference(/.*)?$
 RedirectMatch ^/development(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/go-mobile/secorder(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/oakguest(/.*)?$$1
#RedirectMatch ^/alc(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/p2p/agreement(/.*)?$$1
 RedirectMatch ^/alc(/.*)?$$1


1.1 And a letter I sent

I put these into production and upon first inspection, they seem to work as intended. It worth noting, as we found, that a apache redirect directive will short circuit unless specifically matched. So a statement like:

RedirectMatch ^/internal/

is really like

/internal/* ->

if you see some that are inaccurate, I.E. once that need to be exact matches proceeding wild card matches like:

/internal/ ->
/internal/0* ->

And I didn't put

RedirectMatch ^/internal/$ ->
RedirectMatch ^/internal/0 ->

Let me know, as I missed it and the first one will override the second one (so I believe)