Google Voice and VoIP

Google Voice (formerly grand central) is great if you have an existing phone. It rings your phone, then connects you with the person you want to call, thus avoiding tolls. It also routes incoming calls to the destination numbers of your choice with rule based on when and who is calling. The only thing it doesn't do is VoIP. However, Google has a special relationship with once VoiP provider; Gizmo5.

If you sign up with Gizmo5 (free) you get a SIP number. This number allows you to register your device with a provider (Gizmo5) and lets Google route a call to your device, rather than a normal phone. If you have a soft phone on your workstation, you can now use it to make and receive calls free of charge. The only caveat is that the Gizmo5 number cannot be your only phone. Not sure why.

Here's how to do it;

  1. Ask google for a voice account. (This can take a few weeks)
  2. Create a Gizmo5 account. (Make sure to note your sip number from the account page)
  3. Sign into Gizmo5 with your SoftPhone. (the example below is for ekiga,)
  4. Add the number as a line in Google Voice and call it to verify

Why is this useful? Well, it's not other than a cool factor unless you make a lot of calls. It is very useful should one forget their cell phone at home, or find one's self making work calls or working in an org that wanted to save the (quite large) costs of a full scale PBX.

If nothing else, it extends Google Voice so that all you really need is your PC, make GV a complete unified messaging platform.

Sample Ekiga account settings:

Name:                whatever you wish


User:                Your Gizmo number (1747xxxxxxx)

Authentication User: Your Gizmo number (1747xxxxxxx)

Password:            Your password

Timeout:             3600 (this is the default setting

Some Handy Numbers

sip:* Echo test from Voxalot (USA)