You have two basic paths that work well; iTunes or EAC.  Use iTunes for it's convenience (you probably already have it installed) but use EAC (windows only) when you have any doubt as to the quality of your CDs, or anytime you want more control. 


EAC is the standard for getting data off CDs that have any level of scratching or deterioration. So lets assume that your CDs were too scratched to use iTunes and instead you use EAC to get the best WAVs possible, then went over them and removed glitches. Now you have a directory full of WAVs. 

Let's stick with EAC for processing the compression to0. If you haven't already, download LAME and configure EAC for it as per here: 

Specifically, you're not going to use the predefined LAME settings, but rather 'User Supplied' and change the additional command-line options to the generally recommended setting for voice.

--preset voice %s %d

Once you've done that, you now have a directory full of MP3s you will want to join with a MP3 Joining program. It's true that a MP4 container will give you some advanced features in some programs, but mp3 is still the standard and you can place cover art and etc inside the MP3 tags also.


You can join WAVs together before processing with EAC with the command line shntool. It's just easer sometimes to use a gui tool.