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Shell Command Line Conventions

posted Oct 13, 2010, 6:30 AM by Allen Gattis
Symbol Description


A hyphen indicates that the next word on the command line is a parameter. The most common parameter is Identity. For more information, see Parameters.

< >

Angle brackets are used to enclose parameter values. These values can be choices or names. For example, in -Parameter1 <1 | 2 | 3>, the numbers represent specific value choices. In -Parameter2 <ServerName>, ServerName represents the actual value.

[ ]

Square brackets are used to enclose an optional parameter and its value. A parameter and its value that are not enclosed in square brackets are required.


When the pipe symbol is used in a parameter value list, such as -Parameter1 <1 | 2 | 3>, it indicates a choice between available values. This convention applies to System.Enum parameters and System.Boolean parameters.